Reg Mitchell

I paint on the unique surface of acrylic sheet (Perspex), using bright acrylic paints and mixed media. I find that the smoothness of the acrylic sheet allows the flow of movement that I require to obtain the effect that I desire for my work.
Although I have used various background colours, my recent choice to paint directly onto the shiny black Perspex as my background is proving to be the most satisfying and popular. The vibrant colours of my paint stand out from the dark background and the effect is very compatible with the current fashion of interior design and decoration.
When starting a new painting I sit in my studio, looking at my paints and visualising the blend of the various bright colours and how they will develop into a satisfying image. Many of my pictures contain a strong floral element but with the fantasy that creativity brings. Sometimes a word or phrase comes to mind and my imagination then conjures up images that will portray the words that will become the title of my painting.
I developed my love of colour as a child when my father encouraged me to use his small box of pastels. I was fascinated by their colours and experimented to see how they blended. This resulted in one of my works being chosen for a local exhibition when I was 16. Time moved on and with a full time job, marriage and children my art took a back seat until my wife gave me a large box of pastels for my birthday. I worked with these for some time but later moved on to oils and then acryliics.
Although I consider myself a largely self-taught artist, I did attend a course at Bournemouth and Poole College where I began to realise my desire for the flow, movement and bright colours necessary for my satisfaction. I soon realised that canvas restricted the flow of movement I desired and finally found the surface I required in 3mm thick acrylic sheet.

12.INVITING. 72cmx49.5cm. Unframed £150. Framed £200.

11. SEARCHING THE UNIVERSE. 60cmx33cm. Unframed £125. Framed £165.

10. FREEDOM. 50cmx30cm. Unframed £100. Framed £130.

9. DOMINATION. 50.5cmx50.5cm. Unframed £135. Framed £185.

8. FLAMBOYANT. 46cmx66cm. Framed £150.

7. MAGICAL ATMOSPHERE. 50cmx50cm. Unframed £150. Framed £200.

6. MAKING AN ENTRANCE. 50cmx40cm. Unframed £125. Framed £165.

5. SUPERIORITY. 51cmx51cm. Framed £190.

3. GOLDEN ELITE. 50.5cmx 30cm. Unframed £100. Framed £130.

2. MOON FLIGHT. 55cmx40cm. Unframed £125. Framed £165.

1. ORNATE. 36cmx51cm. Unframed £70. Framed £100.