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I began my quest for art embracing drawing, figurative painting and later also explored photography and digital art. During my experiments with digital images I started to dig deeper into filter customization because the mainstream tools jut wouldn’t do the work. I began to write my own filters with various filter languages and plugins eventually realizing that by programming filters in specific ways I was able to generate entirely new images. This is what I call the 3rd stage of 2D digital image creation. The 1st stage is photography, the 2nd stage is photography through filters and in the 3rd stage there isn’t any photography involved anymore, the image is created within the filter itself. This process requires more complexity and parameters to integrate but eventually is more interesting because you create something completely new and original. You have ideas, textures and scenes that you pre-visualize in your mind and that you try to generate into reality.
When you do research on image distortion you have to go into maths, geometry, fractals on so on. Eventually shapes obtained are a striking reminder of what Nature is creating all around us (branches, spirals, corollas, ridges, color patterns in animals and plants). This is fascinating; while I’ve never been a big fan of mathematics I must recognize that there are deep links between mathematics and nature. With today’s computer capabilities, the possibilities of generating images are endless but I tend to think that interesting digital artwork must also have organic, nature like aesthetic features because the mind eventually link these images

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