Phil Lyons

My Painting “Moon Festival” is one of the winners in this years local Harris Open Exhibiton

My childrens’ early reading book “The Yellow Cat in the Blue Suit” is now published and widely available. All the text and illustrations are by me. I do hope and trust that you will like it!

Update: Stage 12. “The Journey” a photo blog following the progression of “The Journey” till it reaches “The Final Destination”. To view the painting in greater detail and some close-up areas please visit my web page at

I began this painting entirely from scratch without preliminary sketches and don’t know what the end result will look like except for the type of image I have in mind.

This is a large block canvas 80x100cm and I started creating swirling shapes using a large stick of willow charcoal on its’ side and then began to add colours. I am working with Artists Acrylics for their speed of drying and the chance to build-up textural effects including some metallic acrylics. I will be explaining more of this later as the painting progresses.

The title “Journey” references the ubiquitous use of the word “journey”in the media and as such I am also on a journey with this painting. Of course one can argue that any creative process is a journey and I would certainly agree. However a journey to the local supermarket is unlikely to be a voyage into the unknown. Many creative works are in the style of previous works using well-established techniques. Obviously this new work falls into this same category as I will be following on from my previous works. However I have not made my methods available before for people to follow. Please continue to check back in to follow my progress. There will be regular updates.

The Journey has been halted for quite a while due to other very pressing demands on my time….however I certainly hope to get back to it in the coming months.

My small still-life painting Glass, Brass and Colour was short-listed in the Jackson’s Mussini Oil Painting Competition Sept 2017.

My mission is to explore painting and modern imaging in a creative manner, but to keep a light-hearted approach (sometimes with a touch of humour) and to produce contemporary works to raise the spirits of the viewer. I like my work to move the viewer to different ways of thinking; both inspiring and challenging.

I am currently exploring contemporary coloured graphic compositions and will feature these in due course.

I love to paint in an expressive style and with bright colours where appropriate and use metallic acrylics from time to time to create a contemporary feel.

I have a life-long passion for bright colours and like to use them to create strong and striking contrasts.

My paintings are usually medium to large canvasses and I use oils, acrylics and sometimes gouache.

I like to work on a wide range of subjects and sometimes use textural effects.

I took a Chinese Calligraphy course with a view to incorporating  some of the style into my contemporary works.

I will consider commissions if they are compatible with my contemporary style and motivate me.

I am considering producing a coffee-table hard-backed book of my paintings, in a few years…………..which you might be interested in purchasing. This is very much a long-term goal personally; but I want to make my work available as a reference to a wide audience and think a printed book in full colour is the best way to achieve this aim. I have always collected art books on the works of masters and have found them invaluable for reference over the years. Picasso and Van Gogh have always inspired my work most, but I do like to look at other painters too from time to time; such as Cezanne and Renoir. I like to produce expressive paintings and do not ascribe to the photo-realism genre as I prefer to suggest rather than stress.

Many of my artworks can be found on where open-edition canvas wrap prints are available from a selection of my works including my New Media Digital works and coming soon my Photographic Art Prints. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact me for further assistance.