Peter Gartner

I started painting in 2015, using a semi-naive pictorial style, which has become more pictorial as I have progressed. I initially did some nostalgia tram paintings influenced by Northern artist, Arthur Delaney, then went on to do some landscapes, but now mostly I do portraits.

I like to paint portraits that capture a moment in a person’s life when their character can be delineated through clearly, and which is not just a copy of someone’s appearance. I have been told that I have a “very interesting and unique style”, and paint in Watermixable Oils, which is more convenient and easy to use than standard oils.

I have a large gallery at FineArtAmerica, containing many portraits:;

and some works on Saatchi Art:

I have been praised for capturing distinctive facial expressions, and the mood of the person depicted. I see both sides of a fa ce as equally important and often like to feature a tilted head with a non-horizontal eye-line through the nose.

The focus for my paintings is to ask a question, what is the person thinking ? Why is the person sad ? Or happy ? I like to ask questions to make the viewer think and ponder about the subject of the portrait, what does it show about the person’s character.

I believe that art should be concerned with asking questions, rather than making a statement. When I paint several people in the same frame, I am trying to show the relationship between them.

Some more of my portraits at:

As you can see from my larger gallery at FineArtAmerica, I have some collections. One of my favourite subjects for portraits is the late and very beautiful actress, Lynne Frederick, of whom I had painted a triptych:

I also did a few portraits of Marlon Brando. This seems to be one of the most popular:

Original paintings when purchased would be sent using Artbox. Prices would range from £500-£1500. Commissions would be in the same range.

Some of my works are available as prints at Society 6:

Here’s a link to my latest at FAA: