Paul D. Loughlin

Paul is a sculptor whose work incorporates inspiration which derives from his interests and experiences. These sculptures include: humour, abstract; martial arts; human form, animals; romance; blues musicians etc.

The sculpting pieces can be finished in a mix of resin and various metals and other compounds.
Commissions can also be undertaken in either resin/metal mix, or cast in a foundry in solid metal.

Paul displayed creative abilities from an early age, particularly in copy sketching/drawing, woodwork and metalwork.

Outlets for creativity have found expression over the years in such fields as: furniture design & construction; building projects; including managing a large extension & renovation of an old cottage; designing and building various outbuildings; D.I.Y..

As a professional Industrial Engineer, a talent for problem solving was honed over the years.

This includes having ten inventions to date.  These were a mixture of ‘inspiration and perseverance’.

A course in sculpting in clay was undertaken in 1987. Although the bust was considered an excellent likeness to the subject, unfortunately it was never either fired or moulded & cast. It eventually dried up, cracked and disintegrated.

In 2010 Paul recommenced sculpting training again.

During 2013, Paul undertook a course to study glass fusing. This is a fascinating art form, offering many creative new avenues of expression.

In 2014 Paul undertook art classes. The reason was to improve the hand/eye synapses. In sculpting most often, one is working from a 2D picture. The art classes were working from a 3D model to a 2D picture.

If anyone is interested in commissioning a new creation, Paul is always willing to discuss details.