Paul Bond

Note: limited edition prints of all paintings available via our website.

My art occupies the spaces between dreaming and reality. A symbolic, allegorical world that is fluid and malleable. My oil paintings take one directly into that boundless dream state. Having been born in 1964 in Mexico, I draw on the literary traditions of Latin Magic Realism – where the surreal seamlessly blends with everyday life. Nature, animals and human figures often morph into one. This genre is also a perfect vehicle for me to explore the ideas of metaphysics and human psychology, of which I’ve been a lifelong student.

I was trained as a commercial artist and graphic designer. So illustrating an abstract concept comes quite naturally. I was also an avid young reader if science fiction and fantasy, where one has to imagine scenes that don’t exist in real life. Thus training the muscle of my inner imagination. My art is also very narrative as a result. My mind is rich with ideas that flow to me every day. The challenge is never lack of inspiration, but in choosing which vision to bring to fruition. I decided early on that if a concept doesn’t invoke either whimsy, wonder or mysticism I won’t pursue it. An idea needs to stir my soul or lighten my own heart in order to excite me enough to want to create.

I have exhibited in galleries and museums nationwide. My oil paintings and limited edition giclee prints are currently in private and corporate collections worldwide, including NBC Studios, and have been commissioned by Marriott Hotels and Scripps Hospitals.