Paul Bond

Note: limited edition prints of all paintings available via our website.

Paul Bond’s art lives in the spaces between dreaming and reality. Drawing from the Latin American genre of Magic Realism where symbolic, surreal and fantastic elements blend with realistic atmospheres, they unveil a world where anything is possible. Bond shares the following about his work:

“When viewing a scene or line in a novel that moves me, my mind’s eye imagines what I can introduce or alter to make a grander statement about what I am experiencing. The physical world to me is often heartbreakingly beautiful. The best way I can know how to channel what life inspires in me is by adding to it through a world of my own creation. One intended to both deepen my own experience and to stir the souls of my fellow travelers.”

Bond’s award-winning oil paintings have been featured in galleries, museums and cultural centers, including the Gateway Museum in Farmington, NM and the San Diego Art Institute. His paintings are now in private collections throughout the US and worldwide. Corporate collections include Fox, Warner Bros and NBC Studios, Royal Caribbean International, Scripps Hospital, Marriott Hotels, Hotel EMC2, and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and his art is featured in many contemporary art publications.