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Semi-retired designer, started painting mid 60's, stopped 67, moved to Suffolk from Essex 68, re-inspired 07.
Primarily abstract/semi abstract, texture/colour based, using acrylic/mixed media mostly, sometimes oil, starting off with a basic idea/form that usually takes over intuitively as work progresses.
Usually very colourful, though have done/do muted, even monochrome works. Shape/s can be organic or geometric, sometimes both. 'Mixed media' has sometimes meant the inclusion of glass mosaics that add another dimension. All meant to change from day to day dependent on light/lighting/mood of viewer etc etc.
Commissions sought on the basis of colour/s; size; location to be hung requirements. with expressed reference/s + or preference/s to past work/s. *Accepted on the basis of same + price, but if outcome not liked - no charge + I keep!

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< £50
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07974 424374

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