Nina Björk

Nina Björk Art

I am a professional artist and my art can be seen at I also teach private classes in painting.

I express myself best through my paintings. My inspiration comes from within but also from the creation. I often paint humans, animals and nature, through them I express a story I want to share. My paintings are insightful, Art with a history and a purpose. I paint to encourage and create a resting place for the eyes, but I also paint art that challenge and requires reflection. A face that has a history, a landscape, an “awareness” of something more… behind the scenes.

I shift techniques because I want to challenge myself, I paint contemporary art, realistic and sometimes impressionistic or expressionistic paintings on a medium to large canvas. I use pencil or palette knife when I make the paintings and I paint with oil, acrylic or aquarelle. I also paint portraits. Right now I working on nature paintings almost touching the abstract. I like to travel and history. My journeys is a never-ending inspiration to me.