Nikki Griffith

I am an artist who has developed a love of collage/mixed media work over the last few years for which I have become known along with my seascapes and landscapes, flowers and animals. I work in mixed media, watercolour, inks, acrylics and pastels. My by-line is ‘affordable, original art’ and I hope my work is both!

Creating colour harmonies is my passion and the endless opportunities that nature offers mean that one can never run out of subjects that thrill and stimulate the imagination.

Every painting provides another opportunity to learn – whether it be to ‘see’ one’s subject in a new light or to improve a technique or to capture that moment when everything falls into place and the colour, tone and form become an harmonic whole – what other medium provides such a challenge and joy at the same time?

I am always learning and take inspiration from artists – both alive and dead! One has to find one’s own style but at the same time build and develop that ‘style’.

I like to look at the subject and paint instinctively according to my response to it rather than be restricted by a ‘style’ and enjoy creating a variety of spontaneous paintings. But I suppose my style is loosely termed as ‘impressionist’.

‘A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.’
Paul Cezanne