Merrin Harger

Artist’s Statement

Landscapes and Seascapes are my favorite subjects to paint and I like to fully immerse myself into these environments prior to painting them. I take many photographs, do sketches, note the light,  sky, shade, textures,  colours. My immediate response to the location is written down. There has to be a strong emotion evoked, a personal connection with an area. This will enable and aid me to paint as I see and feel.

My style is recognizable as not  purely representative. The paintings are characterized by richly luminous, intermingling colours and textures. By drama of perspective,  of seas, fields, paddocks, hills, mountains, sky and horizons. There are no people in my paintings except you the observer looking into the scenes I have created as I perceive them.

Oil on canvas is my medium of choice; it is very flexible and alive. The pigments of oil paints are strong and intense allowing for a wide range of tonal quality. Layers and textures can be built, re-shaped, re-worked, carved and etched into and scraped back. The oils, if allowed, continue to work while drying, to merge and melt into  surrounding colours, particularly when building up textures. Often a surprise of new colours to return to.


Born and educated in New Zealand, where I  attended “Elam school of Fine Arts” at “The University of Auckland. In 2006 I relocated to the United Kingdom and am now challenged by new terrain and unfamiliar landscapes of a country far more intensively worked and inhabited since ancient times.  The experiences of these two countries continues to inspire and influence my Landscapes and Seascapes.