Mary E Kershaw


I live and work in West Sussex and have been painting portraits in oils on canvas for over 30 years. My commissions have been mainly of animals but some with people as subjects. My portraits are realistic and accurately portray detail. I also capture the personality of the subject in the finished work. I invite commissions from clients, both locally and further afield.

Still Life

In addition to portraits, I paint atmospheric still life subjects as well as outdoor scenes with undercurrents of surrealism, usually including people. My colour usage is key to achieving the atmospheric mood that I set out to capture. I currently have a small stock of still life and outdoor scenes available for sale.


For many years, I have also produced figurative ceramic sculpture in stoneware clay and porcelain. As well as throughout the UK, my work is in private collections in many different countries around the world. I share the Robert James Studio with my husband Bob, a potter. On our collaborative work, I add drawings which depict my sculpture on Bob’s large wheel-thrown pots. Examples of our work for sale can be seen on our studio website.