Martine Norman

I am an artist usually working in 2D realism based in the UK (Essex) but have explored around the world. I create works in different drawing/painting media depicting various subjects. Commissions are accepted such as of homes, locations, portraits, animal portraits….or other interesting projects. I sometimes create pieces to auction for charity and I have a wide price range which all hopefully makes art more obtainable. Traditional realism is often my listed category, though this can only sometimes seem a little subjective. Themes such as Spanish flamenco culture, animal welfare, or caring for the environment are often represented. Small or larger pieces are currently available with motifs from around the world. There are many watercolours, but there are also oils, pencil drawings, pastels, pen drawings….etc., all available or possible. I even have a disc on sale with images from my rather unique and restored doll’s house which contains its own miniature artworks!!
My work has been exhibited in London and Paris and elsewhere. Beyond the shared shows, I use less conventional outlets and I have had a number of informally presented solo exhibitions. I have a Cert. Ed but no longer regularly teach – though the odd talk or workshop is still rewarding. There are still a few copies of my book about general home tutoring available on line….More about my working and philosophy can be found on my own personally created website; also any news about events or how to see more of my work. There are even a few tips as to how to enjoy purchased work.