marion towns

Marion draws her inspiration from nature and Life. She has a deep and passionate connection to the landscape. Marion has been painting for over 25 years. Her technical strength lies in pastels and she is constantly exploring new ways with this medium.
Her paintings appear in private and public collections all over the world.
Her pastels are in vibrant bright colours and often epitimise the New Zealand summer.Her use of bright colours and pointilistic detail reflect an impressionist quality
Her new works feature land and city -scapes from her new environment in Nelson New Zealand. Marion has a range of framed under glass and unframed pastels available direct from her home based studio for shipping. Unframed pastels are easier to send by airfreight if unwrapped by a framed.Marion works from field sketches on site so any commissions of landscapes can be done this way. Her nudes in landscapes are done from a live model with a landcape/backgound put in afterwards to complete the finished painting.