Marina Radius

The work of Marina Radius( 1953) consists  of oilpaintings and sculptures in bronze and stone-often animals are present in het artworks.

 The style is figurative and sometimes magic-realistic.

 The oils as well as the sculptures are very labour-intensive because of their refined finish.

 Themes are animals, people, still lifes and landscapes. She also makes work on commission, mostly portraits of people and animals, where horses and dogs are her specialty.

Sometimes a painting starts with just paint put on at random: from  the pattern it forms the image emerges slowly, always a surprise for the artist to see what it turns out to be.

Often horses appear, most likely because it’s her favourite animal.

When making a portrait the creating proces is different: she then works with a plan in close colllaboration with the person who ordered the work. No commission leaves the studio unless the customer is completely satisfied with the result.


Since 1975 Marina Radius has regular exhibitions in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Her website shows a selection of her work: