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I am a painter living and working in Morayshire, Scotland. I paint abstract and semi-abstract original oil paintings that are for sale, framed and unframed. I find the colour and luminosity of oil paint captures the abstract qualities I associate with the Scottish landscape and seasons.
I began exhibiting in 1984 as well as lecturing in York until 1996 when I moved to Forres in the north of Scotland. Since then I have continued teaching on a part-time basis, whilst developing my artwork and exhibiting my paintings in contemporary galleries both locally and nationally. My work is in private collections in Britain, Europe and the U.S.A.
Painting for me is to do with responding to my inner and outer life; a contemplative activity, drawing connections between what is seen and unseen. Marks and colours are often used intuitively to express my experience of the world. Forms appear as a definite presence as well as in many cases a clue or symbol of something that is otherwise hidden and intangible. The paintings are derived in part from landscape, although they are not descriptive of any particular place or time, rather a space into which I project a more inward-looking experience. It is an appropriate context, as my interest in the elemental nature of the world can be explored with issues such as energy, light, source, transience and change.
The drama of the Scottish weather, the ancient landscapes, rolling seas and ever-changing light is what most inspires me. By visiting my website you will find a number of gallery pages, where my most recent paintings are for sale. If you are interested in any and would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

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