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I create cloudscapes and landscapes in either soft pastels or oil paints - inspired by the stunning vistas on and above the Isle of Skye, UK. It's my aim to capture what you see and what you feel when you look up at a mesmerising sky, or out at a beautiful landscape.

You know when you look up and see the most gorgeous sunset you've ever seen? Remember how that feels, where you were, who you were with, and most importantly, that sense of wonder at how something so amazing could just form all by itself? That's my inspirational aim: to paint pictures that combine what I see with how I feel when I see it.

I write online journal posts after finishing each painting. Some of those form in my head whilst I'm working on the picture, but mostly they arrive out of my fingers onto the keyboard just as I'm reflecting on the piece. I usually derive the name of the painting from those posts. I publish the journal posts here on the website and you can also sign up to have them delivered straight to your inbox (see the link below).

I also have a Patreon page ( to give people the chance to join my membership and support my work on a regular basis - you'll receive a whole load of lovely things in return!. Patreon is a way of facilitating people like you to support creators so that we can carry on creating. That's my hope anyway and I love being an artist - and would love to be able to continue that way. I've also adapted my Patreon page to be a way of helping you pay flexibly for my artwork. Head to the Patreon page here on this website or on Patreon to read more.

Outside of creating art I like to run, do yoga, watch fabulous films and read books that make me think and chuckle.

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