lyle sopel

Master sculptor Lyle Sopel is dedicated to the creation of original bespoke jade gemstone sculptures. His work is comprised of unique masterpieces in jade and semi-precious gemstones, as well as limited edition pieces in bronze with stone embellishments. Renowned for his museum-caliber wildlife / abstract sculptures, Sopel has been acclaimed by National Geographic Magazine Society as “one of the most accomplished contemporary jade sculptors in the world”.

Working with jade, tiger-eye, quartz-crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, gold and silver precious metals, each of Sopel’s rare and distinctive pieces emanates an enlivened presence, reflecting over 30 years of mastering jade, a material that is harder than steel. His works of art, which range from pedestal to life-sized, have been critiqued as sculptures that move, that have a spirit and actually seem alive.

Sopel’s world-class recognition has not gone unnoticed. In the early 90’s he was invited to work as an advisor in the sculpting of the largest sitting jade Buddha statue in the world. A few years later he accepted a commission to design and fabricate the largest sitting jade buddha to be created in North America.

Attending invitation-only events at international venues such as the Idar Oberstein Gemstone Museum in Germany, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the Bank of Beijing of China, Sopel gleans from his classical European roots an unparalleled capacity to create exquisite works of art. Sopel’s cadre of collectors includes members of royalty, heads of state, and celebrity art connoisseurs who have appointed him to create sculptures that are distinctively unique in theme and subject, and one of a kind in the world.  

Sculptures shown in this collection have a maximum height of 24 inches.

Artist Statement

“Sculpture is my language. My renaissance-style studio is an environment that vibrates with the cacophony of moving equipment, water splashing onto gemstones to keep them cool, and tools humming from one workbench to another.

The form and the rugged, raw textures of jade and gemstones offer me an everlasting source of inspiration. For me, working with these stones is an honour. After all, these are the gems that have been coveted by the Egyptians and imperial families for thousands of years.

I delight in emulating nature’s dance and in expressing her abstract and tactile forms. The elements of enigma, risk, and finally the immense gratification of holding in my hands a lustrous, beautifully sculpted composition are what keep me riveted to my creative dreams.”