lois duffy

This series of three dimensional paintings is a conceptual approach, inspired by the cubists who sought to break a subject down into pieces. They painted with shifting perspectives and planes giving the appearance of movement and space. Instead of a flat one-sided view you see many sides and many realities. By using actual three dimensional forms I can show greater content, and also shadows, depth and multiple view-points.

The materials used are various size canvases stretched over wood frames 3 inches deep, or 6 inch cubes of hollow blocks of wood. All are painted with acrylics, in a realistic manner and glued together with construction cement in different configurations. Spaces between the cubes allow for a view through them showing yet another image. This series of “cubiform” paintings covers more than 2 years of work.

My regular large two dimensional acrylic paintings consist of varied subject matter using bold colors in a realistic style. Some images tell a story, some are portraits and some are surreal.