liz pagano

I am a printmaker, painter encaustic and mixed media artist..among other things.. I am looking to connect with galleries, collectors, curators, designers, architects, consultants etc.. I welcome commissions.. I am also in a collaboration called sideways and askew artful illumination..”like us” on fb we fabricate one of a kind art lamps… My work is contemporary, abstract, textural, gestural, organic, layered I work on paper and plexi-glass sometimes wood and metal. My latest series if you want to cal it that, is entitled strange weather. These are the pieces I am showing here. Strange weather complexity of existence growth change decay always in flux expanding and evolving external and internal Nature’s volatility solid and ethereal The power of I am the invisible becoming visible thresholds imbalance motivating the old into the new vulnerability difficult moments shifting into grace finding stability in the face of a fluctuating reality Accidental beauty inspires me. My process is about exploring interactions of chance and control, coincidence and intent. It is immediate and intuitive. I create texture and movement, using different mediums and mark making. The results are pieces that are unrestricted and uncontrolled. The parts I can’t control keep me chasing/ searching/ moving. I sometimes take these layers and assemble them in different ways creating something completely new from unexpected possibilities and connections. I am always looking for fresh moments to explore.