john lowe

The Dreamsphere is probably one of the most fascinating and relaxing spheres you will find anywhere.

John Lowe is an artist working from his specially constructed laboratory and workshop in Spalding, Lincs (UK) and is the inventor/creator of the Dreamsphere. This is a new and totally unique concept in the form of a perfect sphere which produces millions of iridescent colour combinations which change with each viewing angle. Many of the photos displayed here are of the same sphere! Each Dreamsphere is individually hand-crafted and polished to perfection, each one entirely created by John….but no two are the same.

The Dreamsphere is a Radiant Light Sphere,…

Like a clear crystal ball filled with the iridescent shards of a broken rainbow!

The Dreamsphere is, in theory, completely transparent, because there are no dyes, colours, pigments or metallics involved.
The iridescent colours generated by the Dreamsphere are known as “structural” colours which are much brighter and more eye-catching than the conventional “static” colours that we see in everyday life. What you see is pure electromagnetic energy in a form which allows the viewer to interact with the sphere.

These are not made from glass, but a unique combination of materials which remain John’s secret. They are quite solid, many times stronger than glass, and each one is signed with his symbol.

Dreamspheres are different things to different people.
Spiritual Healing – Stress Relief – Relaxation – Metaphysical Enlightenment – Colour Therapy – Meditation – Feng Shui – Clairvoyance – Suncatcher – Display Item – Mood Changer – Executive Desk Item

Please take a look at the video and you will see how the Dreamsphere changes colour.

Large Dreamsphere, 72mm dia.
Available to buy online direct from my website. Payment through PayPal

Thanks for looking.


J☼hn Lowe