jim justice

I am a visual fine artist and photographer working in multi-media, including oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, printmaking and digital media, as well as photography (both film and digital). My primary focus recently has been on figurative work, and in particular, “tasteful” pinup art and, of course, landscape. I love the visual impact of a sexy and beautiful model, sometimes posed nude or semi-nude, and I like imaginatively costumed models often depicted in dynamic dance poses.

I am currently beginning to offer affordable giclee prints of my work. Giclee printing offers a natural step away from traditional printmaking, including silk screen (serigraphy), stone lithography, and etching. I sometimes use digital media to modify a finished work to produce an image in the style of one of the traditional hand-printmaking media because of their unique and often appealing character.

My painting approach is largely realistic, but is often modified by my sense of artistic license, to produce an image which is appealing and perhaps exciting to the eye and to the imagination. I love color, strong contrast, and often an element of abstraction to make a strong artistic statement. I admire the works of Sargent, Whistler, Sorolla, Degas and Van Gogh, to name only a few recent masters. In figurative art, I also admire the works of Rolf Armstrong, Elvgren, Mucha, Vargas, Pino, as well as many of the fine living figurative artists and illustrators..

I’ll always entertain inquiries concerning licensing, commissions, purchases, or related requests. Please take time to visit my main website at justice-arts.com, as well.