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I am  from the UK, but my career took off for me, when I lived overseas.

After a few years without a paintbrush in hand, I am fortunate to now be able to spend my free time painting, especially as I was inspired by the climate and the light, whilst living abroad. The neutral tones of the environment that have splashes of vibrant colour from the plant life, gave me a new energy. It has enabled me to create some stunning portraits and scenes from Arabian life.

I especially love to work on a grand scale; acrylic paints on large canvases – 80 x 100cm

In the early 1990′s I completed a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and Drama from the University of Liverpool and a B/Tech in General Art and Design at Wigan College of Art and Design.

My formal studies enabled me to gain a solid foundation in the philosophy and fun of painting. It was during this time I became absorbed in figurative work and started producing large and bold life drawings from the live study classes I attended. The human form in its detail fascinated me, the way muscles can be represented through simplified brush strokes, creating depth through the exaggeration of light and shade. This captivation became the basis of my painting style, still prominent today.

My influences have been Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon for their painting techniques, Andy Warhol for his philosophy, colour juxtaposition/combinations and Edgar Degas for his subject matter.

In Early 2003 a friend suggested to me, I should paint portraits. Initially I was reluctant as I felt portraits had to be realistic. I started painting again because I wanted to get back to mixing colours and creating colour combinations. I knew if I was going to paint portraits, they had to enable me to have the opportunity to play with colour. I had an idea; I would paint portraits to compliment the interiors they would hang in. The painting of ’Ellie’ in blues and oranges was created.

Paint is applied thickly, giving the paintings texture. The contours and areas of shade are clearly demarcated. There is a tremendous depth to each painting, developed through the layering of the paint.. Through the course of painting, the paint dances and flows as the colour combinations alter and adjust. There is fluidity and movement. Hair is a strong point, painted as it grows and reflecting light, often immensely colourful. The real genius in the paintings, are the eyes, life-like and a true reflection of the sitter’s soul. I get many comments regarding my work based around the eyes and how they are the person in true likeness.

I love the way colour brings out the personality of the person I am painting; it is so much more than just a physical likeness. I instinctively choose colours that relate to the sitter on a personal level and use them to bring ‘the soul’ of the person to life on the canvas.

As I have regularly practiced yoga since 1997, I am aware of the Chakra Centers around the body and how each area relates to a specific colour. Subconsciously this translates into my artwork, through the choices I make. This seems to have an instinctive link to a specific Chakara, dominant in the sitter.

Choosing colours is an instinctive choice, and it can be further harnessed and exaggerated if required. I find people more than happy to leave the colour choices to me, and as a result they change their interiors to suit their portrait!

My style is bold, energetic, vibrant and modern, whether I am painting camels, dancers or people.

Having experienced the joy and passion of returning to painting, I have learnt many things regarding the Law of Attraction and manifesting. I have created opportunities to develop all aspects of my work and as a qualified Teacher and certified Life Coach I now spend my time running Planting Positivity workshops and working one to one with clients to help them find their 'golden ticket' and show them how to live with joy, passion and purpose

I am now going to combine all my passions and philosophies, painting, HotyogaFlow, DeRigours drama, and Planting Positivity in my ArtsSpa, which will run Transformational retreats.

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