jane elizabeth cullum

My paintings are inspired by my love of the natural world, and I aim to capture the beauty of the sky, sea and land, as the light and weather moves across it. I spend a lot of time walking in nature, taking photographs and making drawings to use as reference material. I often allow the images to emerge during the early part of the painting process, but once I am clear about the direction a painting is going in, then I take time to work on the composition, underpainting and building up thin layers of colour until I am happy with the outcome.

Interests and influences                                                                                                                                        I’m mainly interested in capturing the mood and atmosphere rather than the specific features of a place. At the moment I particularly love painting stormy weather- dark skies and heavy clouds,-because of the opportunity to experiment with shapes, light/dark contrasts and subtle colour changes. My preference is for the cooler end of the colour spectrum: ultramarine, pthalo blue, violet, grey and white, with some of the earthy browns as a contrast.

At present I like to work mainly with acrylic on canvas or board, which allows me to be quite vigorous with the paint, layering, scraping and rubbing it, and scoring marks into the surface.

My current collection of work is mainly influenced by the landscape of the English/Welsh borders where I live, with its ‘Blue remembered hills’, and my exploration of the weather in the hills and coastlines of the northern UK, particularly the Lake District and Scotland. My work has attracted buyers from as far afield as Sweden, Peru and the USA, and has been praised for its skilful use of colour and light.
‘Your paintings have ‘duende’ (soul)’