jan calderwood

Welcome to my online art gallery. I am a painter in watercolours,oils and pastels.  My style is realistic but impressionistic – I want to convey movement and life in my paintings.  Since moving to Spain 10 years ago, my work has become brighter and bolder, with a stronger sense of colour and light.

I have a wide variety of work for sale and also work to commission, with many happy customers over a long painting career. My main subjects are animals, the sea, dance including flamenco, tango and ballet, plus flowers and landscape. I am constantly experimenting with ways of portraying the beauty and excitement of Nature.  I am inspired by the things that I see, whether it is a snowscene, the almond blossom in Spring here in Spain, or views in Venice or France when I visit them.

For the big cat paintings I use a lot of yellows and golds; for the sea a lot of blues and turquoise. The flamenco dancers are often dressed dramatically in red.

I also love to paint female beauty including goddesses, nudes, dancers and gymnasts. There is an element of fantasy in some of my work as I have painted goddesses, mermaids and fairies. My tagline would be Capturing the Beauty of Nature.

My work has been exhibited 40 times, and I have won prizes for painting.  I also paint honest copies of Impressionist works by artists like Monet, Degas, Cezanne, Turner and Sorolla, on commissio, via my online art gallery or exhibitions.

I run a weekly Art Club and also teach drawing and painting classes. I just love to show people how to use the materials to create beautiful paintings – it is so satisfying to watch them progress, even if they struggle at times! The Art Club shows work in an annual exhibition – this year’s will be in Denia from September 28th.

I am a Professional Associate of the Society for All Artists. Since summer 2016 I have been Programme Coordinator for our local branch of The Arts Society, based in Javea. I have also worked as a judge for painting competitions and a demonstrator at Art fairs.