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Society, language, education, information, rules and laws, are part of a cultural world, which leads us as cattle, etiquetándonos, to be able to locate on that shelf that corresponds, and so, enumerate and date to the system. The Society manages, this formal part of the human being, its physical part, with a specific disguise, that little has in common with its essence.
However, as human beings, our resources are immeasurable.. The associations and the choices we have are endless. The spiritual existence that we possess, is one without barriers, where spontaneity, creation, overflow, emotion, plays in a dance of tests and illusions without conditioning, in total freedom.

In her work, Inés de Poligny, tries to explore, the contrast between this expansive spirituality and its re-conductive formality. The expression of the essence of the human being, its feeling, its innovating flows naturally, and like, the control, of a society friend of the customization, of the fear of the unknown, tries at every moment, to catch that intangibility, to codify it and to sleep it.
The way to represent this ingenuity, that soul, is through, an abstraction of wild nature, which is often the best example left of the misrule of culture. It tries, to represent the human substance in its freedom to be and to create, through a loose, powerful and free painting.
On the other hand, it contrasts with this freedom, the society of form, marking in the painting, the social limits, representing through cuts and obvious forms that frame and control it, like the cube, the Circle and abstract basic forms., that dominate it.

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