Ian David Spencer

I am a photographic and digital artist whose work is firmly rooted in the realms of my vivid imagination. My work explores fantasy and escapist themes that cross the boundary between realism and the imaginary, opening doors to concealed realms. In doing so my work opens the mind to a visual feast of ideas, possibilities, curiosity and adventure.

I use a combination of photography and digital media to create my imaginary worlds. But ultimately it is my vision, intuition and creative mind that captures the final piece. My philosophy is to create work that is unbound from conventional trends, perhaps off the wall and encourage the viewer to ask questions or seek inspiration from my powerful narratives.

I am inspired by nature, ancient archaeology, the mysteries of the cosmos, mystical tales, science fiction and fantasy. Anything that expands and challenges my imagination or where I feel some kind of spiritual connection.

Most of my prints are Giclees using archival photo and art papers with archival inks. I will also print to canvas and occasionally metal. All my work seen here is for sale with prices starting from as little as £35 for an A4 print with no upper limit dependent on size, media and complexity. I also work to commission and welcome enquiries in this respect. A selection of my portfolio can be viewed on my website at: