Ian David Spencer

I am a photographer and visionary artist working with digital media. Creating my art from my photographs using digital software platforms that allow me to paint, collage and layer with special effects.

I describe my work as an intersection between reality and dreams. A visual feast to be experienced and exploring life’s possibilities. Stretching the imagination, arousing the curiosity and even crossing into the spiritual realm.

In my work I create a rich tapestry of colours, textures, arrangements and powerful narrative. But what is equally important is the process of creating it. No two processes are the same and it is the unknown and unpredictable end results that are a powerful motivational force for creating. Spontaneity also plays a part in my work. Creating a new piece very often starts as a “doodle”, an experimentation to see where an idea will lead. Invariably I will end up creating a new piece quite unexpectedly and very often results in some of my best work.

My inspirations include nature, ancient sites, the mysteries of the cosmos, mystical lands. Anything that expands and challenges my imagination or I feel a spiritual connection with. I could never have imagined  from the first time I became fascinated by photography in the late 1970’s, that it would lead me to today’s digital artistry. As a child I loved all things sci-fi and fantasy too and this has also had a bearing on my work today.

Most of my prints are Giclees using archival photo and art papers with archival inks. I will also print to canvas and occasionally metal. All my work seen here is for sale with prices starting at £12 for a small print right up to £450 or more depending on sizes and media. I also work to commission and welcome enquiries in this respect. A selection of my portfolio can be viewed on my website at: