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Helen White is an artist, fabric designer and photographer based in the Berkshire, UK. Her love of oils began when some tubes of paints (quite literally) fell into her path, becoming both a passion and a meditation practice as she gave herself over to painting as a way to heal. A moment of pure synchronicity led to her work being talent-spotted, leading to her first exhibition; the first of many. Her award-winning work has now been exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic and hangs in private collections and galleries internationally.

Diversification into digital art is allowing Helen to develop a multifarious combination of brushstrokes, digital effects and photography, making use of her experience as a painter to work in many layers. This, combined with a a lifelong passion for textiles, has led to the creation of a collection of unique and contemporary fabric designs for the conscious clothing brand Vida, appealing to her long-held conviction that art should not be limited to being a picture on a wall but, rather, used to colour and enhance the whole of our daily lives. These designs now apear on a range of stunning high-end products made in cashmere, silk and modal.

Her core subject is 'light' or those moments of intense radiance that are as transformative as they are fleeting. Colours are vibrant and bold yet there is a subtle energetic quality (beyond the obvious subject matter) that has been commented upon numerous times, described as 'healing', 'mesmerizing' and 'like a portal into another dimension'. If there is a way of describing this effect then it is because she has a particular way of seeing the world that has enabled its expression through art to be her own best healing modality at the same time as conveying that quality so that others can feel it too.

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