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Born in Aberdeenshire but now living with her family in the seaside town of Arbroath. Gail Knight is Scotland’s, if not the UK’s leading resin artist when it comes to creating bespoke collectable resin artwork on canvas.

Not content with the appearance oil and acrylic paints would have on her modern contemporary work, Gail experimented with all manors of media available to artists. Many attempts were spent trying to achieve the desired results in her minds eye, but to no avail.

Always the perfectionist and needing to push the boundaries in pursuit of 100% satisfaction, Gail then spent a further 3 years experimenting with a cocktail of media to mix in with the resin. After many, many errors and at times questioning her ambition, the perfect formulas were found!

Gail’s resin artwork is so unique that no given piece can ever be replicated due to the effect gravity has on the weighted canvas during the highly technical curing process. As a master of this media Gail Knight’s vibrant resin artwork is now regularly being exhibited in London and has global collectors from as far as Australia.

All of Gail’s work is signed on the back of the canvas because people see different images in Gail’s work which further provides the ability to hang the way that suits you and your space. If at first you are intrigued with what you see then take a step closer and look into the detail and flow encapsulated within the resin! Once experienced you will then appreciate the creative journey Gail has been on.

Corporate and private commissions accepted.

Works for sale:
Commissions Undertaken:
Price Range:
< £50
Telephone Number:
+44 (0)7854 536 275

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