frances whitman

Intuitive energy artist and award winning wildlife artist, Frances Whitman creates works of art to inspire and uplift.

For Frances Whitmans intuitive artworks including sacred sites and locational energy art, she uses vibrant pastels to express the energies of life, and the vibration of places she visits through colour, form and shape. Intuitively connecting with her surroundings, Frances creates beautiful works of art which resonate with viewers on a deeper energetic level. Frances is inspired to write words and poetry to accompany her intuitive paintings and has designed a set of energy oracle cards.

Working with soft pastels, acrylic paints, gold and silver leaf, and using a broad spectrum of colours, blues, greens, reds, yellows, purples, Frances’ intuitive/spiritual art depicts energy, vibration, spirits, angels and dreamscapes in strong, colourful, contemporary art, which is both meaningful and thought provoking.

Frances is well known for capturing the intricate detail, essence and beauty of animals in her stunning wildlife art, especially the realism she achieves in the eyes ‘the windows of the soul’.

Self-taught and predominantly working with coloured pencil, she draws layer upon layer to achieve the high level of detail and depth in her wildlife art, bringing her animal drawings almost to life.

Frances’ wildlife art depicts animals from around the world including: leopards, snow leopards, lions, tigers, elephants, otters, owls, foxes, ducks, birds and buffalo, to name but a few, in a style which is highly realistic and representational.

Frances is a regular Artist in Residence at Nature in Art, the museum and art gallery dedicated exclusively to art inspired by nature, at Wallsworth Hall, Gloucester, England.

Frances exhibits both her genres of artwork in mixed and solo exhibitions in the UK.

Her artwork can be found in private and corporate collections around the world.

Originals, limited and open edition prints are available from Frances’ website.