eleanor allitt

My current work as about landscape, often at dusk. It is atmospheric and depicts birds , often flying.

Nearly everyday I walk down the greenway near my house and often see Canada geese flying over, usually on their way to the park in Leamington. I love the call they make, it is such a wild, and free sound.

Over many years I had admired the beautiful silvery colours that old weather-beaten fence panels acquire. Some months ago I started to sand some chosen pieces, break them into manageable fragments, and rub them down Then I started to paint on them. The natural patterns and imperfections of the wood shone through adding atmosphere and depth, and this is the overiding quality I seek to bring out in all the paintings.

You could describe my work as a series of controlled accidents, as I am constantly surprised at what presents itself. I use mixed media, mainly acrylic. The images are simple and contemporary, and in natural colours.

This a new collection, one I have long intended to produce, and so I have only shown the paintings at Open Studios, and at a local show – Art in the Park at leamington. Two paintings are also on show in a small local gallery.

The paintings typically measure about 46cm(width) x 15cm (height), sometimes larger, always shallow, and of irregular shape. The paintings are on thin pieces of wood and mounted with a spacer on plain white MDF.

They are unframed and there is no glass.

My aim is to develop these ideas, using larger panels, and perhaps to further research the subtle qualities of landscape at dusk.