dr erskine fenty

Painting by light, this is my photographic way of expressing my creativity. Taught by Geoff Weston at Berkshire College of Art (where I gained membership to the British Institute of Professional Photography) and was inspired by Ansel Adams and the Weston family per se… so my work is a collection of landscapes from around my world through my eye.

I now teach photography to visually impaired SEN/SpLD children around the world and I love it. All my work is for sale and are straight (non Photoshop) images reproduced in a variety of finishes from A6 postcards, to A4 photo-books, to A3/A2 calendars, to A1 lush photographic prints, to A0 size acrylic images.

Without a doubt, I have been totally fascinated by the sun and the moon from childhood; Astronomy and Cosmology have always been a strong interest focus of mine; but with the evolution of modern cameras and lenses, it is now possible to capture so much detail, add in a bit of creative imagination and even with no Photoshop, yes zero Photoshop but a very, very good understanding of light and photography, it is amazing what my eyes can see and what I able to reproduce photographically.

My work past, has been exhibited in the UK and in Europe and of recent has taken on new interests from Contemporary Arts Fair, Libraries, Hotels and wall space per se.

I openly welcome both questions and enquiries about my work – my website is comprehensive and I prefer to work directly with people, so although the internet may introduces us, I prefer to either meet you or if international then at least have a decent conversation with you.