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My artwork follows in the traditions of the earliest artists -- to see the world and its patterns, and to reconcile our inner and outer selves. I work and draw in an attempt to reach a closer approximation to the human experience of seeing -- a moment in time that stretches back into memory and dreams.

Idea Enhancement Project

In recent years, I have focused on bringing viewers to that moment in time and providing the materials for creative contemplation. A key to this decision has been my work on the Idea Enhancement Project - a fiscally sponsored project of NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts).

The Idea Enhancement Project is a unique undertaking that explores the use of art as a practical tool for increasing innovative and creative thinking. This project is visionary, but not theoretical – its images are qualitative solutions that are immediately available for “real world” use by everyone.

All Idea Enhancement artwork is available as free high-resolution downloads.

Doug Baird Art

Many pieces of digital artwork that are not a part of the Project can be previewed at

Written Works

My love of poetry and writing have encouraged me to find expression in these newer forms of communication, while cementing my belief that both art and humor have transcendent qualities:

Please Take Care When You Utter A Curse is a collection of 100 fun and satirical limericks, available for free download at

My Blog, Rural Tompkins County – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Credentials deals with the lack of meaningful public participation, agricultural pollution, and elitist policy making in rural New York State.

Upcoming writings include You Know You Live near a Factory Farm, When Your Kids Go Fishing with a Pool Skimmer – a lighthearted look at Industrial Farming.

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