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Di Ferra

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Why art?

Di Ferra's answer is simple: to make life more beautiful.

His creation is constituted by a plurality of elements that can be analyzed separately. The colorful ripples suggest some works of Sol Lewitt, the circles may be a reference to Delaunay, the squares remind us of the famous Stella paintings.

"However, this multitude of elements that the artist has on the screen should be looked at as a whole. The colors and forms has only one goal, celebrate life and joy, resulting in the depths of soul, big emotions. "

The artist has no other purpose. In his own words: "My work brings joy, love and gratitude that exists in my life."

So Di Ferra conceives art as a way to convey a positive emotion, using bright and colorful forms.

And no doubt, he reaches his goal. I suggest you look in depth their works. You will see that the color is always dominant and each work brings a different emotion, especially when black is added to the composition.

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