Deborah Newbould

Heavily textured figures created with materials found in forested areas, explores decay and the life cycle. The one off pieces (which are small to life size)  represent decay through the firing process, which are later manipulated by the firing process. Ceramic figures are built to a complete mass before the first firing, then the sculptures are partly deconstructed, leaving a sense of weight that was once there. The final stoneware firing provides an exciting chance of uncertainty as the sculptures have a possibility of movement and change. The figures appear to have the textures of a natural landscapes which represents the ageing process and the decomposition of flesh after death.
One of my life sized pieces, (Death is the End of One Story and the Beginning of Another) won a 1st prize award at the Waterside Art Centre’s Open Show in 2010. I have been involved in over twenty exhibitions, which have included the Mall Galleries London, with the Society of Designer Craftsmen and Rufford Craft centre.