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Dave has been described as "An Artist who happens to use a camera in creating his work". There are many photographers but Dave's Photography of Nature and Landscape scenes connect with the user on an emotional level. Dave uses a variety of camera techniques to create a painterly feeling of the scene and a composition which is inviting and captivating. In addition to homes and corporate locations, Dave's art can be found in healthcare facilities as many pieces are soothing and calming as well as uplifting. Many have described Dave's work as having a certain harmony or Zen like approach. Some nature scenes display an entire setting with a depth and draw that keeps the viewers attention. Others are snippets or elements of nature. Dave explains his approach as

"I often travel to a location I’m interested in and stop for quite a while to absorb the beauty and to get in touch with the feeling created by that scene. I focus on what elements are creating that emotion and then design the image in my mind capturing those elements.”

Dave work includes scenes from many National Parks and beaches and coasts in the US as well as scenes from Italy, New Zealand, Uruguay, Mexico, British Virgin Islands, Canada and Australia. Searching Dave's website the viewer will find images of beaches, coasts and coastlines, waves, lakes, rivers, mountains, meadows, flowers, trees, and those that convey breeze and winds with some scenes showing lightning and others showing storms or sunshine. There is quite a bit of variety in scenes but all with an underlying theme of tranquility. Why does Dave choose to focus on peaceful scenes? Dave explains,

"Our lives are filled with noise, clutter, emergencies, deadlines, and rapid fire decisions. While some of these are necessary, there is a need for a balance, a grounding force, to keep life in perspective. The prospect of bringing some calm to an otherwise busy life is my driving influence."

Dave has produced his images as traditional framed prints, giclee prints on canvas, back mounted to acrylic and surface mounted to metals such as aluminum and substrates such as Sintra, a PVC plastic like material. Located in San Diego California, USA, Dave does ship to anywhere in the World and will work with the client to size and produce the piece to be successful in the setting.

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