damian clark

I am a professional Fine Artist Painter based in West Yorkshire; specialising in contemporary landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, portraiture and figurative oil paintings. My paintings are representational and often painted in series or as part of a themed collection. They can be described as affordable, colourful atmospheric paintings, either illustrative or impressionistic in style. They range from small through to large scale formats, and painted on either canvas or paper.

Influences are many and varied – the list has grown over the years and is now quite extensive. The greatest of them I would have to divide equally amongst the Impressionist, Pre-Raphaelite and Surrealist movements. Particular favourites include; Camille Pissarro, Gustav Klimt, John Atkinson Grimshaw, John Everett Millais, John William Waterhouse and Salvador Dali, to name but a few. All of whom I have great admiration, and all have found a way into my work through the various collections that I have produced.

Currently I am creating a new series of paintings called the “Ephemeral light collection” in which I explore the transient nature of the landscape. The collection has been created as though they are series snapshots that capture fleeting moments, travelling through various geography and time.

A selection originals and prints from my various collections can be seen the gallery and are available for sale. Prints available include; atmospheric landscapes and ethereal fairy prints.

• I am also available for commissions (and always enjoy a creative challenge).
• For further information please visit my website www.damianclark.co.uk

Thank you

A little more about me and my work……

My passion for art began at an early age and was greatly encourage throughout my childhood. I am for the most part a self taught artist, although I also recognise the influence of coming from a line of artists and having been taught Graphic Design at college, much of my knowledge of painting comes through many hours practise over the past twenty eight years. In 2006, after many years as a serious amateur artist, I took up painting full time and soon after began my professional practise.

Having a deep fascination for the ephemeral qualities of the landscape I constantly explore the changes between mood and atmosphere, absorbing those special moments when nature becomes “magical”, such as; shimmering light dancing upon water, or a warm, soothing, setting sun. These experiences are very important to me and culminate in a deeply emotive response to the landscape.

Inspiration is divided between the natural, physical world and pure imagination, through which I am able to explore alternative “inner” landscapes. Each of these sides feeds the other. Depending on the subject matter and mood different methods and techniques can be employed to achieve the desired end effect. This process may include working from reference sketches and photographs, and combined with the imagination are mused upon, fused and evolved until they finally converge upon the canvas. The resulting paintings can vary in style and execution, some are freely worked and painterly, while others more controlled and refined. Two of my favourite reoccurring themes are atmospheric sunsets and ethereal nocturnal scenes, but I also enjoy painting a variety of other themes and subjects.

In my paintings I ultimately aim to capture the heart and essence of the subject, portraying its natural aesthetic beauty, which is intended to connect with the viewer in a profound and sincere way.