conor wilson

Now Working primarily in oil, charcoal and watercolour Wilsons fascination with painting and drawing focuses on a wide range of subject matter, from Landscapes, through portraiture to more abstract works. He likes to paint what he finds interesting, from imagination and from life. A multi talented artist he is equally at home expressing his vision in oil paint as he is watercolour, Charcoal or mixed media.

Many works are a response to the coastal landscape in which he now lives. And incorporate both onsite plein painting and work in the studio.

Others draw on an interesting upbringing abroad. Experiences living in Papua New Guinea and then the Middle East, coupled with travels to India and Nepal have fermented into a unique abstract patterned style of painting, that is informed by both Islamic design and Buddhist Mandala paintings.

He is interesting in expressing beauty, and light, whether seen externally or felt internally.

Since establishing his own studio in 1996, Wilson has exhibited in London, New York, and extensively in The South West UK where he now lives. His work is held in private collection’s here and abroad.

Original paintings, Limited edition prints, and Open edition prints from his back catalogue are all available from his website at: