charron pugsley-hill

I am a painter currently exhibiting large contemporary, abstract, colourful, acrylic paintings of wildlife, animals, flowers and landscapes inspired by my previous professional career in wildlife conservation. My work is vibrant and uplifting also using metallics and fine glitters to give a changing dimension to my work in different lighting conditions. I am self taught and  started painting in 2010. My paintings are affordable and I love to do commissions also, having done many dogs and floral paintings in particular. My paintings are all full of colour and passion as I only paint subjects that deeply inspire me! My swirly skies and dots of colour along with my use of metallics and glitter are characteristic of my paintings.

Scatter Box an international upholstery company have produced a range of cushions printed with my paintings and I am in discussions with other companies to produce other products. I have also produced some of my own limited edition bags,bangles,ipad cases and make-up bags that are Made in England. I am currently Artist In Residence with The National Trust at the atmospheric Lyveden New Bield in Northamptonshire until July 2014. This residency is titled “A Sense of Colour” highly appropriate for my vivid colourful paintings. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to ask about my paintings and products!

“your paintings speak for themselves and words do not do them justice-there just aren’t enough colours in the alphabet to describe their brilliance” Lucy December 2013