Charles Randak

Born in Edinburgh, I studied at the Glasgow School of Art ….I am a designer who also paints.
I work in acrylics or oils and tend to undertake a related series of three to five paintings at any one time – don’t ask me why. I have a small output as I work at my own pace – never having to complete paintings to meet deadlines which, for me, means no painting is truly finished until I am satisfied that everything is as right as it can be.

Shown here are paintings from three ‘series’ – the West of Scotland, where I live, the Caribbean, where I wouldn’t mind living and my Dance School work. The Caribbean series have now been added to my site along with a personal favourite – ‘San Gimignano,Tuscany’.

Each is a different challenge – the West Coast of Scotland is all about spontaneous brush work, the Caribbean is palette knife and amazing colours while the Dance School series captures moments in time in a free yet representational style.

The paintings are available to order as Giclee prints and the originals are also available to purchase.