Cecilia Flaten

Cecilia Flaten ……. Magic Landscapes inspired in the Norwegian Mithology and in Artic and Patagonia´s Lands.

In the search of a more tangible art, Cecilia Flaten regards painting as her current great love. At the beginning of her relationship with the medium Flaten worked in an innocent and playful way, which is demonstrated in her naïve works. In such works she experiments with techniques and colors that allude directly to her Scandinavian ancestors. Entering into a more mature stage, Flaten began working with oil till know, during 20 years, a medium that provides her with the stability and desired pattern of expression—allowing her to represent properly the legends, myths and the dreams that nest in her mind and in her blood.

Her work is a great meditation on natural elements.Blending the fluidic atmosphere of the sky with the blended appearance of the horizon: she captures the interaction of light and the absorption inside landscapes. It is a magical and poetic work,