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My portfolio has two distinct flavours, one more realistic and one abstract. I am drawn towards sky, and seascapes in my representational art, and the atmospheric interplay of light and darkness. I am inherently drawn to the multi-faceted nature of the sea, and water is a subject I return to repeatedly in both abstract and realistic work. For me, painting and literature are two sides of one coin, (painting is silent poetry and poetry painting that speaks', Simonides of Ceos, Plutarch) both concerned with the production of visual imagery and I frequently compliment my paintings with narrative.

In my abstract portfolio, I seek to distil the essence of a subject and represent it through my own perspective. I enjoy the authenticity of abstraction, allowing expression with reduced constraint. For these paintings, I typically work in layers, building depth through colour and texture. I aim too, to achieve multi-layered meaning, so (for example) I might study the beauty of patination to create something that I feel is visually arresting, whilst highlighting this aging process to question society's throwaway culture. I work with matt and metallic paints, inks and pastes, largely acrylic, and experiment with differing visuals depending on viewing angle and lighting. I work, generally, on large format canvases (100cm-200cm), since they allow me to work dynamically, to create dramatic and impactful pieces. I gravitate increasingly over time, towards contemporary abstract expressionism.

Visitors to my exhibitions often express an immediate emotional connection to my work. This is true whether the artworks are abstract, realistic or photographic. For me, this is a central focus, that my work is emotionally accessible, infused with feeling and that it speaks directly to the audience viewing it. My brand is called 'WHITE SPACE' because not only are the canvases and walls upon which we hang our pieces, white spaces, waiting to be filled, but our very paintings are too. Each of us interprets what we see differently through our mood, our experiences and individuality. The eyes of the viewer(s) builds half of the picture. I am fascinated by this cyclical relationship between artist and viewer and that by producing a piece of art, I am only the inception of its journey.

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