caroline morris

A professional freelance artist and illustrator, I was previously a Medical Artist in the Laboratory of Human Anatomy at Glasgow University. A student at Glasgow School of Art, with great enthusiasm for illustration, costume design and looking at the energetic world through a somewhat different perspective…some things don’t change…that much!

I paint and create in a wide variety of mediums: oils, watercolour, charcoal, oil and soft pastels and various mixed media. My colour palette is expanding, although often veers towards blues, greens and purples, with overtones of gold and copper.
Much of my work is Figurative and often realistic, be it fantasy, erotic, fairy or Shamanic. I love transmuting human and animal/bird forms into paintings and my continual fascination with energy, has also been an invitation to look at different possibilities of mark making. Currently having a gorgeous new model, I am delighted to be working on some drawings and paintings around dance and ballet.
Illustrations include books, web imagery, diagrams for medical papers, cd covers and painting Shamanic drums. The book “The First Santa” by Andrew Steed, a Universal Shamanic tale was a joy to illustrate and pet and wildlife portraiture also feature in my commissioned pieces. I have exhibited in different venues around Scotland, including the Paisley Arts Institute and am now looking to explore possibilities further afield.
If you have an idea and a sense of resonance with what I create, feel free to contact me. What else can we create together …….. I wonder?