caroline evans

As a lover of all fauna and flora, Caroline’s work is a celebration of Nature’s beauty and all that she offers. She is an award-winning artist and illustrator whose drawings sit in two opposing ends of the genre spectrum – Realism & Fantasy. Traditional drawing is what she loves to do, aided and abetted with a pen, ink, coloured/pastel pencils and the more than occasional dash of metallic leaf.

While some of her work carries definitive ‘messages’, all is created primarily to captivate and uplift her audience through an eclectic mix of strong colours, shapes and imagery.

She is currently producing a Wildlife Series of critically endangered, vulnerable and threatened animals to help raise awareness of and funding for their plight.

Her Fantasy illustrations are borne out of a childhood exposed to a wide range of cultural characters and being able to creatively express them. They are her outlet and escape from the more serious sides of life.

She continues to regularly exhibit in mixed shows, juried online exhibitions and Art Fairs and her artwork has been sold through galleries in the Rep of Ireland and the UK.

She is a member of the UK Association of Illustrators ( and the UK Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS).