Brian Pollard

I paint in a Naive style with acrylic paints; bright, colourful images – red, blue and yellow predominating. My paintings are mainly landscapes and seascapes but animals, especially cats, often appear. Most of the pictures are based on Devon and Cornwall, but some depict foreign landscapes, such as scenes of France and Italy, with fields of sunflowers or poppies and distant cities. My work has been featured on television and in newspapers at both local and national level. I have had solo exhibitions throughout the UK, including several in London. I exhibit regularly in galleries in the South West and annually with the Association of British Naive Artists in St Ives, Cornwall. My artwork is studied in many local schools as part of the Art syllabus. I produce my work on canvasses of different sizes, making it affordable. Commissions include the National Trust, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, RNLI and several local councils including Plymouth.