bev aisbett

I am an artist but also a widely published cartoonist, illustrator and author of 14 illustrated self-help books for people experiencing anxiety, depression and related issues and have long experience in counselling people with these conditions.

‘My paintings are informed by the inner journey to healing , wholeness and spiritual connection and I am pleased to say that of the almost 200 pieces I have sold over the years, many have been purchased by people who have never bought art before, because they have emotionally engaged with the painting on a deeper level. Recurring themes are dreams, surrender, love and peace or being ‘lifted’ from earthly concerns by archetypal guardians or protectors

Influences on my style are the works of Chagall and Australian artists, Blackman, Boyd and Melbourne’s wonderful and iconic Mirka Mora.

I am currently exhibiting my colourful figurative works in acrylic and mixed media and also some new abstracts which reflect my interest in using texture in my work. These abstracts use acrylic, found lace and beads and reinterpret these items into a new context, removed from their original use. Many of the pieces represent aerial maps. My size range is 450 – 1200mm. Price range $200 – $1500. Artworks available and will do commissions