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Betty Kovacic

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Frequently project driven, my art transforms to embrace the materials and topics being explored.   Stories found in literature, music, opera, drama, and the news inspire these contemporary paintings and mixed media drawings. I incorporate science, imagination, and other disciplines with my art to explore past lives, memories, present times, and dreams. Created with a broad spectrum of mediums, techniques, realistic and expressive images and forms, these large works display my freshly unique artistic vision.
Humanity provides a visual and thematic thread that connect much of my work. Moreover, the human silhouette, freed from all constraints of likeness, culture, and ethnicity, transforms to become every man and woman. The figures act much like the archetypal figures found in literature. These visually individualized figures transcend historical, geological, or cultural limitations to express aspects of the universal human experience.

The grid-like pattern goes beyond an allusion to the mosaic. It simultaneously references the historical pointillism of Seurat and today’s digital world. These tiny pixels do more than create the illusion of colour and form. The squares concurrently define and dissolve the images. Human and animal forms, repeated patterns, and textures dance across vibrant colours, while  shadows and light express energy, emotion, and the wonder of each story.

Subtle details, ambiguous images, text, and the juxtaposition of both abstract and realistic figures, forms, mediums, and techniques, work to provide a richness of visual intrigue. These artistic elements are also an invitation for closer examination and engagement. Like a metaphor for life, this work is rich with narratives waiting to be found. Through a complexity of techniques and images, I endeavor to provide an aesthetic, emotional and intellectual experience that expands with each viewing. Furthermore, my paintings  offer an opportunity for conversation.

My paintings have been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Many permanent public art collections, including The University of Northern British Columbia, The College of New Caledonia, and The UNBC Teaching Hospital host my work. Additionally, national newspapers and magazines have featured my art. It has also been included in academic presentations in Canada and other countries, including South Africa.

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