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Barbara Taylor-Harris, an international contemporary artist from Rutland, UK. In 2015 she won Art in Lyddington People's Choice and took part in an International Artist's Day in Malaga. She is Aspire's Inspirational Artist 2016. A mixed-media artist using innovative techniques including 3D pen acrylics, oils, watercolour, pastels and any combination of these. Her abstract and figurative work emphasises colour, light and texture and subjects; includingtrees, landscapes, flowers, still life, birds, beaches, seascapes, female nudes, abstract and abstractions. She paints many atmospheric, textural pictures using a main colour such as green, blue, lavender, rose or orange.

Barbara is also a sculptor using soapstone. Tactile and textural qualities are the key feature of all her work and she usually paints heavily textured pieces which have lots of energy and movement. Each year Barbara explores one or two themes inspired by her travels. 2016 is her 10 year retrospective so she is revisiting some themes producing paintings with a new twist. The 3D pen has been a brilliant new tool for her and is a feature of her work.

On commission, she paints to the subject and style desired. Her styles are flat paint, impasto, paint with textured additives, sculpted canvas and paintings including natural and man-made objects. Barbara's clients can choose the size, style, subject and colour range; to ensure they have the perfect painting for their space. Her commissions usually start at £350 and she exhibits 2 or 3 times a year, usually solo exhibitions in a High Street gallery. She is creative and innovative thus constantly pushing boundaries and exploring and combining materials  including new 3D printing pen work into her fine art paintings. Barbara's work is very collect able, sells well and is in private collections in Uk, USA, China, Australia and New Zealand. View her website, contact to commission a work, visit her studio and her exhibitions.

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