Astrid Baenziger

I work mainly with acrylic colors and combine my work with collages or/and (comic-)drawings, sometimes with written poetry or political statements into it. I paint in abstract matter, but also work with clear motifs. I collect different materials, & also pieces from magazins, journals, old photos etc. The individual pieces I have collected, I create them together to a new total. My themes includes political, social & feministic issues, for example: which roll plays a woman in different cultural environments & what kind of progresses are bound with this. You can also find exploding flowergardens, or nostalgic clothelines. In my artwork people can find a lot of humor & my art is my possibility , my organ to speek for minoritys and their rights. It also reminds for the protection & beauty of our nature & sometimes it combines simply beautiness with poetry. My comic drawings should be seen with a wink & of course they will win your heart:)))