art venti

Abstract Landscapes, Surrealism.

In recent years, having worked in almost every medium over the years I have chosen to challenge myself with large works on paper, using a mixed media of primarily colour pencils, paint wash, inks, or markers.The colour pencils are used in a meticulous style of application over the opaque mixed media under layer.
The work does not conveniently fit into a category. There are elements of abstraction and glimpses of “reality”. Some might label it surrealism, but actually I do not.
My objective is to take a fresh look at the traditional landscape.
By using this familiar format, a dialogue is created between the viewer and the image. The brain always attempts to organise the lines, shapes and colours it perceives; with no easy reference point, there may be no connection. A recognisable arrangement even though out of the ordinary begins the communication.
The composition arrangements are often originally discovered by random pieces of tissue and recycled papers, viscerally suggesting glimpses of scenes that ignite my imagination for preliminary sketches.

Born in New York, and attended the School of Visual Arts. Have been living in Southern California, with my British wife, for over thirty years. In early 2016 we relocated to the United Kingdom.

Creating art is really the only occupation I have ever had, it is my life, my passion.