amanda bates

I am known for my work in oils with a knife. My unique style is highly representative, yet stops deliberately short of being photorealistic.  I paint variously from life, from sketches or from my own photographs, but always with a sense of being there and with feeling.

The current selection highlights my paintings of the sea from the shore. I find the sea and its interaction with the land fascinating: the ever-changing nature of the water; the way that the rocks both shape the waves and are shaped by them. These works range from £90 to just over £250; larger pieces are also available.

Most of my sea pictures are images from Cornwall and Dorset and include wild winter waves as well as softer summer scenes.

The variable texture and unexpected flecks of “found” colour bring energy and movement to these evocative pieces. I use an exagerrated intensity of colour to emphasise the alternate reality of the picture plane, where the natural colour of the bare linen canvas can be as much a part of the whole as the thick, undiluted paint.

I can be found online at as well as on Facebook and Twitter. I work to commission, often landscape-based, but am happy to consider other subjects.